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Doris Akers (May 21, 1923 - July 26, 1995)


Doris Akers was born in Brookfield, Missouri. She began learning to play piano at the age of five and had written her first song before the age of ten. Akers eventually moved to California where she became a choir director. Her best known composition is Sweet, Sweet Spirit.

Akers made several appearances with the Gaither Homecoming Tour.

Akers passed away in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1995.


GMA Hall Of Fame (2001)
SGMA Hall Of Fame (2011)

Songwriter's Résumé

(Partial List)

Every Time I Feel The Spirit
He Knows And He Cares
I Cannot Fail The Lord
I Was There When The Spirit Came
It Rained
Lead Me Guide Me
Mine For The Asking
My Heart Is Filled
No One But The Lord
Prayer Is The Answer
Sweet Jesus
Sweet, Sweet Spirit
Wanna Go To Heaven


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Page last modified on September 25, 2017, at 07:35 AM EST